Saturday, December 04, 2004

And then there's Miami
Last day of the NRC conference today and I'm still thinking about what Gunther said about the relationships between the worker, the tool and the work. I think he mentioned that the work leaves its trace on the tool that's used, and illustrated this with a print text in which word meanings shifted...mmm!
Joe Tobin was great yesterday, a good late night vital issues session with Michele, Colin and Ilana, and today I heard Shelley Xu... and we're making plans for next year in Miami. That's attractive!


  1. Julia has been going on about your conference and now I see what she means.
    This is so not fair.
    Why are we not in Miami Too???
    Julia and Kate in envious mode

  2. About Gunther's texts as traces idea - he got that idea from my friend Jennifer Rowsell who used in her thesis, which Gunther examined.
    it is a very very good idea, but Jennifer had it first.
    You can read all about it in my new book with Jennifer, called Literacy and Education, out in March, publishe by Sage and liberally endorsed by Julia

  3. You were clever before you went and now you will barely be able to hold your head up, it will be so brimming with good ideas.
    Can't wait for you to tell me all about it.

  4. OK, I'm still in San Antonio...its 64F and drizzly and sort of average for shopping (except, that is, for those lovely tooled cowboy boots). But next year in Miami, we could do blogging stuff!


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