Saturday, March 05, 2005


Here, I posted a photograph of myself, so you'd recognise me in meatspace. It's already been viewed on Flickr (but not as much as the tattoo pic!). Click through and you can read my note. But what tags should I use? Flickr and nearly always get mentioned in discussions of tags and tagsonomy (folksonomy). Recently, the Guardian caught up, but it is interesting that their own blog is tagged by the media people who contribute rather than the users themselves. So is the folksonomic zeitgeist (on screen mid right) a folksonomy or is it really a taxonomy, a classification superimposed by the powerful?

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  1. You're right - it is a taxonomy at the moment. (I wrote the code for it, and admin the Observer blog). We launched it like that just to get it bootstrapped. It's a challenge to get non-blogger journalists to pay attention to such things.

    In about two weeks or so, I'll be splicing other people's tags in as well, but I wanted to wait until we actually had readers until I turned that feature on.


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