Thursday, March 03, 2005


The idea of journeys to unknown destinations is a fascination. Taking yesterday's body post as a starting point, pathways diverge. So, Jackie connects the body as text to Jeanette Winterston's Written on the Body. And then Tassneem, who leaves a comment on the Flickr tattoo picture, leads me to the wonderful footprint image. A footprint that fades in the tideline, how wonderful! And then, on an independent journey, when I visit Onepotmeal for my daily narrative fix I find this:

I saw my own footprints cast in white dust on the floor like the lunar steps of astronauts, walking from the door to my seat...

Read on, this is the link. And, then I have my eye on another destination, the meaning of ayakizlerim (the original title of Tassneem's photograph). What is that, I wonder, and how does it relate to footprints?


  1. Tassneem posts a comment to say that it's really two words - aya kizlerim - my footprints. So that'll do nicely, easier than trawling through online Arabic-English dictionaries (although there is a cracker that translates rude Arabic into colloquial English). That just leaves a need to track down a translation of the Bhangra song Tu jat di pasand.


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