Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bling for the boys

body art book
I like the look of this book and will place it on my wish list. Self-adornment seems like a very tactful umbrella term for a range of body-marking and modification practices. Iconic figures in popular culture have always been style-setters and self-adornment is now common in the sporting world. As England’s cricketers capture (or distract) the nation’s imagination, winning batsman Kevin Pietersen’s hairstyle and jewellery have attracted media attention.

The Mirror reports on Pietersen’s £50,000 pink diamond ear studs quoting the manager of Burrells jewellers "Kevin is a great ambassador for the sport and is adding a bit of glamour. He's unique and likes to stand out from the crowd and we think this will help him do that. The whole nation will be willing our boys on and hopefully the jewellery will give him an added spring in his step." All the boys will want bling in their ears now.

[ pet posting today....phew!]


  1. Bring back the beagles

  2. Please do not get that bok. And do not think about facial piercings.

  3. I'm just fascinated by self-adornment, I'm sure that book's OK (not going to get the pink diamond ear studs, though).

  4. I had to add this, on an email from a friend (who will remian anonymous)
    "I can't help thinking how sad it is that we are SOOO into the 'superficial' immediacy of self adornment and appearance - is it at the expense of a consideration in the magazine world of something more important and long lasting? And a consideration of what is beauty? That visual images, pictures is driving our values of what is important and meaningful in a person." Agreee/disagree?


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