Saturday, September 17, 2005

Shuttered Sharrow (random)


1. From time to time the shopfronts are shuttered, my neighbourhood sleeps. Still I walk the streets – the flaneur, adrift from the business of the place, lighting upon snippets. But still I participate in the urban text that deCerteau refers to as "a chorus of idle footsteps.... Their intertwined paths give their shape to spaces. They weave places together."

2. How might technology alter the landscape? Those who share our journey are not necessarily present. Is this what girlwonder means when she asks what a "technologically mobile vernacular landscape might look like?"

3. Mobile gaming (just like mobile conversations) can involve us in moving between this reality and an augmented reality. Here’s a report on the game Treasure; “Playing Treasure involves movement in and out of a wi-fi network, using PDAs to pick up virtual coins' that may be scattered outside network coverage. Coins have to be uploaded to a server to gain game points, and players can collaborate with teammates to double the points given for an upload. Players can also steal coins from opponents. As they move around, players' PDAs sample network signal strength and update coverage maps.”

4. Thank you Lyndsay for bringing this to my attention. Lyndsay says: "If you don't know it, take a look at Sara Fanelli's amazing 'My Map Book' that uses collage to map aspects of a child's life, including her day, her school, her dog, and her heart." Click on My Map Book for a sample.


  1. This is an EXCELLENT post. Thanks Guy I will re visit this.

  2. I'll expect another comment when you do!

  3. thanks Guy! Joolz is right, loads to think about here. I will ponder and return too, no doubt, but after a long day welcoming freshers my brain is fried..


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