Monday, November 07, 2005

Questions of identity


I see Kaye Trammell’s been busy writing a paper called ‘Impression Management and Self-presentation Online: An Analysis of Popular Blogs’ for the National Communication Association conference in Boston. That’s right in line with what I’m working on now (although I think I’d rather leave the ‘popular’ out of it).

On from here, i-Anya posts a link to Cynthia Lewis and Bettina Fabos who look at the social identities that shape and are shaped by the practice of IM. I’ll be reading that one tonight.
And I’ve only just caught up with Colin and Michele trying to articulate what they do so well in terms of ‘trying to push academic theory into areas we think need to be explored.’

Just when we thought we were moving forwards we seem to be moving backwards with this chunky James Bond watch that acts as a remote car-starter!


  1. Thank you Guy, thank you Anya. I loved the Lewis and Fabos paper. I am so into this - but where to next? To unravel the complexities of being positioned as a naieve (sp?)researcher I guess...

  2. I just put some stuff on researcher positions wrt to digital culture over onBlogtrax This is taken from the paper DrJ and I are working on right now.

  3. Thanks a million Guy, this is really useful. I am reading a slightly old but interesting paper from RRQ vol 38 no.3 2003 - Media and online studies which is co-authored by Hagood, Leander, Luke (Carmen, our friend Margaret Mackey and Nixon.

    Today I have been thinking about my identity as a 'naive' researcher, and am not sure that 'naive' is quite how I am positioned by my little friend when I work with her online. I am more of an audience than a naive researcher. She really performs for me and loves it. And in my role as researcher, I willingly take on the role she assigns to me. I think we are both performing very specific social identities when this is happening- and they are not our usual identities. The power dynamic is very different. I will keep thinking!
    Sorry for the ramble!

  4. And I can't wait to read your and Dr Joolz's paper.

  5. Maybe you could be critical friend when we get to first draft stage. Let's check with DrJ.

  6. Please have me as your critical friend. I think I may need one myself soon! Actually, I have just been one tonight at a junior school Governor's meeting. I wish I could just be a friend sometimes!


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