Sunday, February 05, 2006

Always somebody


Sue Thomas (Hello World, p. 29) writes ‘in Real Life we adopt different personalities all the time – one for our parents and /or children, another for our lovers, yet more for our bosses and our teachers and our friends.’ Is life online really any different? Often there are no physical or social cues, and self-disclosure can be ‘managed’. But still there is self-presentation – even if that is mediated through a screen identity, role or avatar. You’re still there typing away, clicking or whatever. You could be anybody, but you’re always somebody.


I learnt a new word today. The word is gnarly (as in she’s gnarly: meaning she’s unpredicatable). It was described as surftalk, and I suppose it must class as an adjectival metaphor.


  1. That's like totally gnarly dude!

  2. or round here they say 'gi oor, she were raight gnarly'


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