Thursday, February 09, 2006



My identity as a photographer is fragile. You see I thought this was probably the best photograph I’ve ever taken, but although the post attracted some comment, nobody mentioned the image. Reality check (as they say). But to make it worse, it’s had no views and no comments on my photostream either! Now I wonder if that’s because I forgot to tag it? THC, on the other hand got 8 views really quickly – but then that’s grafitti, which always draws the crowds. Anyway, just to massage a little interactivity, here’s the gatepost mystery…what does it say?


  1. OH dear. This is v sad as no one commented even on this post till now.
    Well you just don't know what will appeal to people picture wise. Even if it is hard to produce, people only comment if it affects them. But sometimes even then, I don'y always know what to say about something I like. Don't be downhearted DrGuy. And also; if you want people to play with you on Flickr, you have to make friends with them first - like on the playground.
    Finally comment on this, people look at your picture if they can see something from the thumbnail that attracts them .

  2. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Now I feel patronised (or is it matronised?!).

  3. Oh no. I did that before, you said. I don't mean to patronise of course ... sorry.

    And look at all my typos... I am a dead loss really.

  4. Uhm, spealing geocentrically, is one of the letter groups a play on "Jersey"?? It IS a word play, right, and not a foreign language or a created language (like Dalek-speak or something)...? Like, lots of houses in Australia are christened "Emoh Ruo" or "Dunroamin" and stuff like that, so I'm guessing that's the kind off thing we have here, right?

  5. Sorry DrJ, my sharp tongue again...I must be feeling fragile, no need to apologise.

  6. Back to the gatepost post. Well, basically it's a mystery. There it was in all it's mute glory, so what could a poor literacy person do except reach for his Cybershot DSC-P73. Whether it's a word or non-word, some parts of some of the letters have come adrift. Next time I pass I will check for any weathering clues and hope I don't get arrested for loitering!


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