Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All eyes


I think the Flickr thing makes me more attentive to my visual environment. I like getting images of my local geo-space. I was interested by this, beneath the window of an antique shop, reflecting an earlier use of the building. [What would you do at a Temperance Bar - not buy a friend a drink, maybe?] So I'm looking out more, but at the same time working a lot onscreen feels like looking in more...and my eyes burn if I put in too many hours. It's looking as if even sending texts on my mobile is a strain, too. Still, apart from being blind as a bat from too much print-reading, my eyes are in good nick.


  1. OH no! Could this be the beginning of something.....

  2. How dreadful!
    I got a post on my BLOG telling me i could earn money in my spare time. What spare time? and wheredo these things come from? Can we stop them? Mine was blogging anoymously and I had no way of finding out why I was chosen? Do you think it is random?
    By the way I agree withyou about the smallness of the numbers we write for who actually respond. I our BLOGs act as magnets for particular affinity sets and yet many of the comments posted remain at a very shallow level. Still it is an enjoyable way of exercising the writing muscle and I think it can be well employed in developing reflexivity amongst students.
    Let us know if you decide to go for another degree! MBA perhaps

  3. I think this must be random. Of course one could remove it or block comments altogether, but I thought it was worth leaving, just so that other readers were aware that spammers were about.

    On your other point, I think I've come to accept that the writing is mostly consumed by the affinity group (that's OK) but is always there for the occasional visitor or passer-by. Comments on posts do vary considerably, but I am sometimes slightly disappointed. I'll write something that I think is quite challenging and add some rather trivial detail in passing...and it'll be the trivial detail that's picked up in the comments.

    I like your idea of flexing the writing muscle as well. I think that's a big motivation for me. That and the possibility of a free, unfettered voice. And I suppose that's why I started wondering if our blogging was a bit flat, a bit lacking in critical or political edge.


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