Friday, May 19, 2006


I was posting the other night and my machine kept on crashing each time I got to the Flickr site. Nightmare! But even worse was to follow...I re-booted and got the blue screen full of error messages. I've had to take my computer in for 'them' to look at, so I'm offline at home which is a really strange experience. Anyway, I'm pleased to report the appearance of new blogs in the mean time. We have Whitney's, Penny's, Kostas's and Shirley's! Yay! What about Foster, I wonder? Anyway, I hope they all continue to post. This made me think again about blog statistics. Having already started up a few myself that didn't take off but didn't get killed off either, I wondered if the blog ranks were rather artificially swollen by those that aren't exactly active?


  1. Yes I'm definited inactive - apart from projectile vomiting. I HAVE posted stuff today, but have been in bed 2 days with Winter Vomiting Virus - YOU DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!
    PS I am Vera's protege geraldine

  2. PS maybe that's what your computer has...

  3. Geraldine, I hope you're feeling better. Sounds rough. Fortunately, I'm virus-free and back online...eagerly awaiting your next post!!


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