Monday, May 22, 2006

Post where you are

Street-life in Morocco. It’s not raining in Casablanca but, despite the drought here in the UK, the rain has been insistent for at least a fortnight. As in Sheffield so in Cleethorpes. Anyway, I was thinking about storing meeting notes online, discovered this (which is really just for personal use) and this which has collaborative potential. Dr Joolz who’s a digital native picked it up straight away! It's possible here to construct notes that are joint-authored. And if you're trapped in doors and that's not your bag, what better than to think about food – that’s where Hsinwei’s other blog comes in.


  1. "Dr Joolz who’s a digital native picked it up straight away!"
    How young would you have to be to qualify as a digital native? Would it be someone familiar with computers at primary school? an acorn or BBC?

  2. Well the concept of digital native comes from Mark Prensky. I can't see it has much to do with school ICT or those old machines you mention. Prensky uses it to refer to kids who've grown up in digital I'm not sure whether that includes Dr Joolz (my reference was a bit tongue-in-cheek).

  3. So cool to be called a digital native. Oh dear Cleethorpes. I went last year for the first time and it was a marvellous experience. I took loads of photos (of course).Apparently a typical English seaside town it was nevertheless unlike anything I had previously experienced.
    So anyway why do you want to stre notes online?

  4. You're young enough to be a digital native and old enough to remember the BBC and the Acorn!

    Notes online? Well I was thinking how undynamic and slow most meeting notes were - how they end up being one person's reality. So I was thinking about how you could take notes online and then others could modify them and co-construct a record. Could also be good for summarising an online meeting....

  5. ahb yes. That is a really good idea.
    I can also remember Z88s.

  6. ...and what point does one become a digital dinosaur?

  7. ....perhaps if you not only remember the stylophone, but actually coveted one....

  8. Ah stylophones, now you're talking...and then that next generation of Casio keyboards, that the kids loved so much!


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