Tuesday, June 27, 2006


farewell 2
It’s always sad to say goodbye. This year’s international masters students have been such good company and such fun it’s even worse to say goodbye! This is our farewell lunch at Aunt Sally’s – Whitney and Penny fly back to Taipei on Thursday and Vera follows on Saturday. Perhaps they’ll keep their blogs up to date, who knows? That leaves me puzzling over how to make the most of virtual worlds in the classroom, looking at stuff like this that compares AWEDU with other providers…


  1. Hello Guy,
    I am so happy to have lunch altogether before leaving. Thanks for teaching and helping anything. I really appreciated your help. Next time, if we have chance to have a cup of beer together, do not forget to tell me what style, because I might have a little trouble for ordering drinks without Jeff....Ha.. I got it this time...

  2. Thank you, Penny! Have a good trip back home.

  3. Guy, hope you don't mind me using your blog to say Good luck and Goodbye to the super people on the International Masters Course. All of you! PLEASE keep up your blogs! and send me news! It was a tremendous and totally NEW experience for me to meet and work with professional people from around the world! Bye, Geraldine xxx

  4. Of course I don't mind! Yes, what wonderful people who really must keep up to date with their blogs.


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