Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pink flamingoes

Running for mum & Auntie Jane
Here’s Hannah and and the other Pink Flamingo (Izzie). They raised £500 in the Race for Life. Yay!!!!That’s what I call social participation. Photo-sharing is another matter – yesterday’s stenciling excursion was fun, but then Infocult’s story of macabre photo-sharing is downright disturbing. On a slightly more cheerful note, I reckon it was probably good to keep clear of this event on social software, particularly since the open space session (scroll down the blog) was so obviously 60s retro!


  1. Excellent effort! £500! I couldn't run for a bus these days.

  2. Ha! how do you find 'em! that page was really good. 1st thought, some web pages are looking more and more like ads from 'Yellow Pages'. Then I found th open session, I THINK I might have been there! I had a hairstyle like that bloke with the short sleeved shirt (in 1981) - I think it was the British Wheel of Yoga Commitee, the year we replaced the lotus flower logo with a flying yogi. IT WAS A PIVOTAL MOMENT FOR US ALL....

  3. On second view the bloke with the hair (front) IS a young lady. I've just re-read the blurb and hope to circulate it at next staff meeting. I'm so glad quote 'Johnnie shared an insight with me which is that it's often good to resist the impulse'

  4. HA! You make me laugh so much ... oh, and the memories of the British Wheel of Yoga :blush:


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