Monday, July 10, 2006

People talked

people talked
The UKLA International Conference was wonderful, as usual. I’ve already mentioned Victoria – but the Digital SIG was kicking and Jackie’s presidential address was fabulous, too! I heard good reports about Clare’s paper (which unfortunately clashed with mine) and was really impressed with Naomi Hamer on the final day. The conference concluded with Ron Carter – steady, thoughtful, and as thought-provoking as ever. And, as for me – my review of Jim Gee’s book “Situated Language and Learning” is published here, in English in Education. I am also very pleased to be invited to this exciting SSHRC event in Newfoundland in October….shipping news!!


  1. I nearly took a phgoto of people on those sofas as they looked so funny. But I did not dare.
    Your blog is very newsy lately. You are so good at keeping uptodate and I am trying to copy.

  2. also that sshrc event looks very exclusive and important.

  3. mmm yes, feels like a real privilege to be asked..


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