Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stranger than fiction

New bedroom
Today is my blog’s 3rd anniversary. I’m not celebrating as such, but it was good to see this, which suggests that my celebrity status is growing (I hope my royalties grow accordingly):

Picture Books for The Literacy Hour (ISBN: 1853466271)
Merchant, Guy; Thomas, Huw
(Bolton, ., United Kingdom)
Price: £ 458.16
[Convert Currency]
Quantity: 1
Shipping within United Kingdom:
£ 2.95
[Rates & Speeds]

We went to see ‘Stranger than Fiction’ last night. Well it’s OK - like an attempt to make a film out of a post-modern novel – which doesn’t quite work I was reminded of the Paul Auster story where his character gets incarcerated in an underground chamber with no means of escape. There were also some echoes of ‘Groundhog Day’ – and I wondered whether there’s a need to retell the story of the post-modern American subject in search of agency and ethical sensibility.


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