Monday, January 03, 2005

Blog on blog
I'm a great admirer of Susan Herring's work, so I was pleased to find this on into the blogosphere. There's up-to-date information here and incisive commentary. She suggest that: "blogs featured in contemporary public discourses about blogging are the exception, rather than the rule: all the available evidence suggests that blogs are more commonly a vehicle of personal expression than a means of filtering content on the Web, for all demographic groups including adult males. It follows that more attention needs to be paid to “typical” blogs and the people who create them in order to understand the real motivations, gratifications, and societal effects of this growing practice." She argues that high profile blogs (usually authored by men) distort the picture of everyday blogging. How typical is typical?

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Joolz said...

Very spooky.
I wrote my entry for today before reading this (your entry) of yesterday.
They are eerily on the same theme.
Or perhaps not eerie at all.
What is typical? And will there be typical?
Makes me think that our research project is absolutely write in its autoethnographic approach.... and maybe I should have written this on blogtrax instead.