Tuesday, November 01, 2005

OK, whatever


OK, whatever, it's not perfectly framed but look my pics are getting better!

I found an interesting article on social software and learning here by Ulises Ali Mejias. This is his blog, Ideant. His main idea is about blending online and offline activity and how social software impacts on pedagogy by “inculcating a desire to reconnect to the world as a whole, not just the social parts that exist online.”

I also wanted to quote directly from Kat on a paper given at the Internet Generations conference, Chicago (Association of Internet Researchers). It echoes some stuff recently posted on Blogtrax:

“I talked about my experience of using a blog to gather, analyse and present data, about story telling (mine and other peoples via the 73 story blog), about managing multi-facted roles (how to cope with simultaneously being technical, a designer, blogger and researcher) and dealing with the transparency of an online process (how the act of blogging reveals the messy, awkward and ill-fitting fragments of research that are often cleaned and smoothed out in more formal research accounts).”

Enough? No? Oh well there’s some great stuff on Streetstunts, free running, street tricks and so on to lighten your day.