Sunday, August 06, 2006


We had a great time in – where was it – Hanwell? I particularly liked walking down to the Brent River locks (Grand Union Canal, built 1880) and I found this sign in Ruth’s garden house. On the reverse side it says: “Should this become soiled rub lightly with a clean moist leather”. I like that as much as the use of underlining and exclamation marks on the front (don’t the colours remind you of Mars bars?). On Saturday we went here to see Thomas Demand’s large, hyper-real photographs. Mostly they are interior spaces that are exquisitely crafted out of cardboard, coloured paper and glue – but they look just like real kitchens, offices, and so on. As another visitor loudly pointed out, the only difference is that there are no logos, brand names and so on. I resented hearing that, but it’s true. Maybe he’d read an art book or knew what he was looking at. Maybe not.

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