Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unlocking the social

grounded tri-circle
Hannah tells me she has 185 friends on MySpace. She knows about 20 of those in Real Life; but they all count as friends which is interesting... There were just 3 of us in the virtual world today (all of us adult planners), where I'm pleased to say we now have a stone circle, a graveyard, housing of all kinds (including a Big Brother village), Roman ruins, and a medieval castle. With only 3 schools currently visiting, things have been quite controlled - quite teacher controlled - but after the holiday break the world will be more densely populated and I'm predicting that synchronous interaction across school sites will become more common place. Kids may have friends online, the world will become an arena for social-learning and the teachers' roles may have to adapt accordingly. Actually, I can't wait!

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Joolz said...

This sounds SO exciting. You have been doing really exciting stuff.