Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Social media

Hannah and Aysha
I notice that ‘social media’ is the new buzz word in the blogosphere. Social media, aka the Read/Write Web , provides us with the potential to build and extend our knowledge and understanding, develop niche interests, and connect with others beyond our face-to-face networks. This has major implications for education, liberating it from the constraints of time and place, making it a continuing process. Well is that emancipatory or oppressive? Are we stumbling towards a ‘control society’ where nothing ever gets finished, because it’s always in process: "In disciplinary societies you were always starting all over again (as you went from school to barracks, from barracks to factory), while in control societies you never finish anything... school is replaced by continuing education and exams by continuous assessment. It's the surest way of turning education into a business." (Deleuze (1995:179).

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