Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toronto style

I gave my keynote today, and it seemed to go down OK. It’s great that Vivian Vasquez is here (this is her podcast stuff). I also learnt about this social networking site for kids in hospital called Upopolis and saw a convincing demo of Jing, which is really slick. I'll definitely be using this at work. This link backtracks to the Salman Rushdie quote on identity, which I think works really well alongside Seneca’s 'It’s a major achievement to act as one person'. Tonight we’ll be going downtown to meet with the lovely Naomi, Richard and Maxine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guy,

It was a real pleasure to meet you last night and enjoy dinner with such a fabulous group, in Toronto. I do hope our paths will cross again soon.

All the best, Emma Thacker

Guy Merchant said...

It was great, wasn't it! Sorry we didn't get to talk a bit more...I'm sure there'll be another time.