Monday, January 05, 2009

Phnom Penh

After a long boat journey from Chau Doc we made it back to Phnom Penh, where it's hot and muggy. Spent the afternoon hanging out with the monkeys at Phnom Wat - that's about the quietest place out of the continual noise of the motorbikes! Tomorrow we'll be on the road again, heading down to the sea at Sihanoukville by air-conditioned coach. This is a four hour journey, although judging by how things run here it could be anything up to six hours. You always have to be on time at the start of the journey but it never quite works out to plan by the time you reach your destination. Still I'm not complaining, at least it beats the day job. May post from Sihanoukville, hope to have some original pics by then!


Julia Gillen said...

Guy, fantastic image and news, hope all is going well. The seminar series bid is progressing apace there is just one snag which is that it is mandatory to include your CV: A C.V. for each applicant and named research staff member must be included. This should include contact details, qualifications (including class and subject), academic and professional posts held since graduation, a list of the most relevant and recent publications, and a record of research funded by the ESRC and other bodies.
Does your administrator have such a thing or can you email it to me at

Julia Gillen said...

never mind the last comment - old news! but where are you - are you OK - very odd for you to disappear from the blogosphere like this. Please post (anything) as soon as you can. best wishes

Guy Merchant said...

It's so good to be missed! You write all that stuff and you're lucky to get a response...stop blogging and suddenly people get worried. Well, I'm back to regular internet access now, so I guess there's no excuse!

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