Friday, February 20, 2009

It's not about anything really

Roots Manuva returns to school to rewrite his identity as someone who might just be described as an exponent of British conscious rap. There’s an intriguing bit at the end where Roots says 'That school gave me so much really. It’s not about.' And then the fade out, but you can just hear 'It’s not about anything really'. So after a whole day on Wednesday re-examining the resistance through rituals material (John Clarke was excellent), this could just be the postmodern response. Anoop Nayak however has a more sophisticated stance on youth, and an interest in the reworking of global narratives in local contexts. I must have been inspired because I went right off and looked up Farrer’s paper, Disco Super-Culture: Consuming Sex in the Chinese Disco, but I won’t be reading it till Saturday evening! Is that the kind of thing that professors do?


DrJoolz said...

Gosh 'Resistance Through Rituals - that is a blast from the past.

Chas Critcher (from that Birmingham School) taught in the MA in Communication Studies I did (way back in 1987!)

DrJoolz said...

What I meant to say was ... Chas was v clever . Is he still at Hallam?

Guy Merchant said...

Chas retired last year (or was it the year before)...but it's fascinating to look back on all that Birmingham School stuff. I liked The Empire Strikes Back. Good title, too.