Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not amused?

We are not amused? The Twitterati were bursting their character walls yesterday reporting about the latest shake-up of the primary curriculum. Best of the headlines was the Telegraph with their Primary School Children Must Learn Twitter But Not Victorians, with a worthy and wordy reaction from readers. It must be a good thing that Rose is reporting on the importance of new technology in general, and digital literacies in particular. The detail, and the question of how it gets interpreted will be an interesting site for research, particularly since some of us involved in these debates often find it hard to agree! Having said that, I have a sneaking suspicion that just as long as something remains contentious it has a certain dynamism. Perhaps questioning what we think, and turning our assumptions into questions is the most useful thing we can do. Meanwhile will the educational publishers be asking people to write guides on how to do Twitter in Year 4? Well, as a matter of fact they have already been asking those questions. The commercial foot is certainly well past the door of the classroom whether it carries exercise books and handwriting pens, IWBs or VLEs.

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