Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Remixing Mario

I really enjoyed this, a great juxtaposition of a classic platform game and the wistful-sounding Mountain Goats and Kaki King. Remix or mash-up? Maybe it's an artificial distinction but I tend to see this sort of thing as a remix as opposed to a software mash-up, such as the Twitter Fountain featured below. Am I inventing a distinction that doesn't really exist? That's not clear, but I suppose the first is about working and reworking the media, whereas the latter is reworking the code. Not better, just different. Any thoughts?


Jackie Marsh said...

interesting question. I don't know the 'official' distinction but it seems in relation to music that remixes are focused on one song/ tune to which bits are added etc but the tune remains dominant whereas mash-ups are more about merging songs/ tunes? so I would agree this eg seems to be a remix. But that may be way-off - I'll have to read your music chapter in the Web 2.0 book! :)

Guy Merchant said...

Can't remember what's in the book -but that was then! My feeling's the same as yours, but then I think some music mixes (particularly dance tracks)are, by your definition, more mashed!