Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reading new media

Today was the end of NMC 2010. The final keynote by John Seely Brown was a thought-provoking look at non-formal learning, with the suggestion that this involves the same dispositions (habits of mind) that are at the heart of 21st Century learning with new media - debatable but interesting. The conference has been dominated by video presentations and projects, like the one above, which has some interesting contradictions. I'm sure the kids enjoyed the choreography and the opportunity to dance, wave books and work to the BEP song. But the project enlisted the so-called new media to promote an old medium (nothing wrong in that), yet no-one is actually reading or really demonstrating any of its benefits!


Julia Gillen said...

I thought JSB ("as he is known") interesting in some regards but was very disappointed for the disregard for - well OK - I will put it bluntly 'women'. I don't think it's great that sometimes now in C21 one has to wonder whether feminism - or, indeed, post-colonialism, ever 'happened'. JSB, it seemed, didn't notice.

Guy Merchant said...

....well yes, and as for the mention of 'Asperger's Disease' I reckon he nailed political incorrectness with several direct hits!