Sunday, April 02, 2006

Brief notes

Martin called

1. Martin calls. Oscar comes, too. He sits and draws Manga, sketches cartoon cats on his Nintendo, and then we go crazy taking photographs. Oscar says things look better on camera than they do in real life.

2. Nitin Sawnhey wins a World Music Award for “culture crossing” and goes public on why he dislikes the label World Music. And Sain Zahoor wins the Asia.Pacific award for his passionate Sufi songs.

3. The Sharrow Lantern Carnival is postponed because of wind and heavy rain. Unfortunately, I’ll be in San Fransisco for the rescheduled event, so I’ll miss the spectacle. (There's some pictures from last year here - rock on!)


Joolz said...

ha ha did you make him wait at the door while you arsed around?

Guy Merchant said...

It wasn't arse it was art!

Joolz said...

oops sorry. I forgot. Yes. Art.

Guy Merchant said...

Thank you.