Friday, April 14, 2006



These are "dead heads" cavorting in a bookshop window on Post Street, San Francisco. That was earlier in the week - now I'm hanging out in East London for the holiday weekend, hoping to do some furtive photography using the new shooting from the hip style to capture random people.

On the SF flight I sat next to a professional photographer (he did motorsports and landscapes). I learnt a lot about privacy, etiquette and copyright in the new world of digital how you can embed code in your images and put in watermarks that can protect you against rip-offs. It was also interesting to find out about changing fashions in wedding and family photography. But, you know, I still think I'm ahead of the game with my new approach!

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Guy Merchant said...

Wow, that's strange!! I don't suppose you were at the Lantern Carnival or Ruth's bithday by any chance? BTW, what does a bunny do at Easter, anyhow?