Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virtually complete

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I've been over in Barnsley today working on the virtual world. The image above shows a slice of the residential area - but today we've been working on our Big Brother area - a small group of modern houses that are being used for a virtual reality TV series called 'The Village'. Great fun...originally quite a small world, it continues to grow and grow thanks to the good will of the planners and Richard at VirtuallyLearning. It now contains something like 1200 objects. The good news is that the teachers and children who are using it on a daily basis are so highly motivated!


Kate said...

Can we link to the website of the school I am researching in in Barnsley?
They woudl love it!

Guy Merchant said...

At the moment 'Barnsborough' is limited to the participating project schools - but it would be good to talk with you about it!