Friday, July 20, 2007


eat the rich

I’m thoroughly enjoying Karin Littau’s book on Theories of Reading – particularly because of the careful attention she gives to the physicality and materiality of reading. There’s thorough coverage of everything from obscure historical sources to an informed view of digital literacies, here. I’ve just been laughing out loud at a quotation about the dangers of excessive reading which include ‘susceptibility to colds, headaches, weakening of the eyes, heat rashes, gout, arthritis, hemorrhoids, asthma, apoplexy, pulmonary disease, indigestion, blocking of the bowels, nervous disorder, migraines, epilepsy, hypochondria, and…’ Littau draws careful parallels with the so-called health hazards of new media! OK, and on my to-do list, I’m looking forward to reviewing this book (more eyestrain) and doing a bit of writing (once my hand has recovered from excessive mouse-clicking).

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