Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bolton boys blog

Well, good: blogging is catching on! But I was left rather bemused by this article that showed how introducing children to blogging had revolutionised writing practices in Bolton (taught them to write properly). In the current climate of increasingly myopic curricular vision when something like this becomes national news you just have to celebrate it. Maybe my eyes have been dimmed by too many digital innovations, but the whole idea that blogging solves the so-called gender and writing conundrum is a bit underwhelming. Oh I'm glad enough they're blogging (by the way, is that a 21st century skill?) but 5,000 word stories for their blogs? I ask you! I'm still working on that one myself. Scores are going up too. That must be good? Call me a cynic, you can do that, but I was genuinely pleased to read that 'they exchange blogs with places as far apart as Canada and Australia'. Yes they're really far apart, that's global. I know there are other countries, too, but it's good to hear that Bolton is connected. So that's little me in the picture above on the left, before I got glasses. OK so I might be squinting but at least I was legally blonde. And now I'm resolved to improve my writing with more blogging; I'll have to work hard!

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