Sunday, December 11, 2011

Strange places

OK, so when you have a bit of down time, what do you do? Well, I'm always drawn to the places with the most interesting names. I remember watching the film 'The Last Journey of a Genius' in which the famous physicist Richard Feynman went all the way to Ulan Bator in Mongolia - just because he liked the sound of it! Now I don't pretend to be a genius - far from it - but I get the idea. So I had to go to Tumbarumba, up in the Snowy Mountains, only to discover that it isn't much of a place. But it does at least have the 4 Bears cafe, with its absolutely amazing collection of bears. I suppose that, in itself makes it worth the visit!


Barney Dalgarno said...

If you like the name Tumbarumbu you've got to like the poem Tumba-bloody-rumba by John O'Grady (aka Nino Colota) - see and especially Australian actor Jack Thompson's rendition - see

Guy Merchant said...

Ha! Ha! I love that Barney, thanks for the links. It will remain as Tumbabloodyrumba in my memory from now on!