Monday, August 22, 2005

The kids are all right!

Night out
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With several bithdays to celebrate we're out on the town having eaten tapas here. From left to right this is Ruth, Hannah, Asia, Emma, Sammy and Oli. The food's good and the company's...excellent! And, this afternoon we checked out the Touch Me exhibition at the V&A. The stuff that worked was really cool, but don't you get fed up with exhibits that are broken from overuse. Body-messaging and audio-texting were particularly interesting.


Joolz said...

Don't understand. Originalposting I commented on? Am I in a time warp? Aaaagh

Guy Merchant said...

Posting from London had bad alignment and huge ugly space, so I re-posted and in doing so lost the 2 comments (sorry, but I did read them). Also this means their postdate is today rather than Saturday night!

Joolz said...

Aha thank goodness. Thought I was lost in time!!