Saturday, August 27, 2005


My new office is an interesting space, being a conversion of two old residential properties (Victorian I suppose). Apart from smelling like the inside of a hoover bag, it's a bit of a maze with interconnecting doors and two staircases which take you to different parts of the building. There's that dreamlike feeling when you discover uninhabited rooms that lead you to places that didn't seem to be there last time you looked. And then you'll find yourself somewhere familiar. A labyrinth.

I was reminded of Borges' fictional places (The Library of Babel has always been a favourite). Looking up stuff on the grand old man I discovered this. The Crimson Hexagon is a sort of annotated bibliography of Borges' fictional booktitles. Strange stuff, labyrinthine in its own way.


Joolz said...

Why does it smell like a hoover bag?
And why the new office?

Guy Merchant said...

I don't know why it has that smell, but it's quite a homely smell (if you can remember hoover bags!). And I'm moving to be in a new workgroup where I'll be more focused on higher degree and international students (and hopefully research). Yah.

Anonymous said...

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