Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crackers again


It’s Chinese New Year today, and there’s a flurry of activity down on London Road – and the Lion Dance in town tomorrow. After wrestling with power kites yesterday afternoon and painting the kitchen ceiling today, I started thinking again about new processes of knowledge-building following on this post and comments. Anyway I’m revising my position on memes, acknowledging that they may not mutate, instead describing them as viral. Tagging remains as a cumulative-recursive process…and then, why not add in Gunther’s idea that hyperlinking is rhysomic. So, that seems to give us three ways in which networks enable knowledge-building.

Networking also played a significant role in launching the Arctic Monkeys - Sheffield music makes it again with the fastest-selling debut album in UK history! Interestingly, and I quote from the BBC news site, ‘the Arctic Monkeys built up their fan base on the internet, after demo CDs they handed out at gigs in 2003 were put on the web for other people to hear.’ That's marketing as knowledge-building...