Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dark sun

dark sun

Not enough time. It seems to be the same with everyone I talk too. Everybody's pushed. Despite putting together an excellent symposium proposal for BERA, Dr Joolz is at full stretch. Of course I’m behind, as always. Just how do Colin and Michele find the time to put together ideas for another fantastic book? It beats me. You know I even tried to stretch time by playing this really slow game of falling sand. It really was a real flow experience. I felt great….then I had to quickly get back to my mail, which of course, in the mean time had been piling up! Perhaps the really radical change would be to completely alter the way we think about time and tasks...I mean, just imagine if I invested in this fabulous Kerala Trance Watch, I’d be so busy trying to figure out the time that I wouldn’t notice that I was late. How would that feel?

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