Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We knew a while back that the cost of Olympic developments in the East End was going to escalate, but now Tessa Jowell claims that ‘if you go into any primary school in the country’ you’ll find kids who can’t wait. A serious misjudgement, surely – I wonder how many kids know about the 2012 Olympics and how many kids really care? And, in case yesterday’s picture had you confused, it’s a sneak preview of the new Sheffield indoor bouldering facility, billed as the world’s biggest bouldering wall (it just has to be S10!). Climbingworks is featured here, and, guess what – they’ve got their very own blog. But I must say it’s not a patch on this blog!


Joolz said...

Kids don't care and neither do I.

Guy Merchant said...

I don't care - but it is a lot of money, that could be spent in better ways.

Guy Merchant said...

...and she's just embarrassing!