Thursday, November 16, 2006

Future realities

Woods End
I forgot to post about how this article blew me away. Keith Stuart talks about the coming together of CCTV and robots as the next generation of gaming: ‘When surveillance and robotics collide, you pretty much have the future of gaming - a hyper-reality where android beings are sent out into the real world, viewed and controlled remotely, interacting with each other and us. The Sims, but real. It's going to happen.’ I was 50% excited and 50% scared. I comforted myself by reading Bruner – I know the connection is tenuous - ‘I have argued that it is through narrative that we create and re-create selfhood, that self is a product of our telling and not some essence to be delved for in the recesses of subjectivity. There is now evidence that if we lacked the capacity to make stories about ourselves, there would be know such thing as selfhood’ (2002: 85-86). I told myself that it was safe. That it was OK.

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