Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sleeping Blog 

This blog will be asleep now until August. Now, I may become an honorary member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, but I certainly won't be listening to Topknot (Cornershop featuring Bubbly Kaur with M.I.A.) or going to The End (listen here) ..... although really I'm far too old! Unfortunately I'll miss my favourite local event that showcases digital artistry Lovebytes which this year has the new Greenaway project and the again I won't be in Bath for this.

I'll be in southern Spain...BUT...I'll be back! So, in the meantime, feel free to browse through my links, look through the archives, leave messages, click through to my Flickr stuff ... and all the rest. So, it's bye for now. My blog is sleeping!

OK, we'll let sleeping blogs lie but will miss you lots, of course!
Have a great time...
Spain, sounds wonderful... i'll miss your blog, look forward to it coming out of hibernation. how bout a travel blog? ;)
Hi guy,
I've been trying to get in touch with you through flickr mail. I want permission to put your photo "casebere - 01" in my webzine starting July 1st. How do I find you in Spain??? You lucky Guy! If you're checking your comments... please check your flickr mail too. thanks, Nancy (practicallycreative@gmail.com)
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