Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Literacy Studies Sampler 

Think Bridget Riley with a migraine
At last, Colin and Michele's NLS Sampler is out. It features Davies, J. and Merchant, G. `Looking from the inside out: academic blogging as new literacy┬┤ - the piece based on the work Julia and I did on blogs. Unfortunately whilst it's on Amazon they say they are 'currently unable to offer this title'. So, I guess that in the meantime I'll have to wait till copies get shipped over! Perhaps by then I'll have put up a PDF link....

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good year
Yay!! can't wait to get to my copy :)
YES! So many good chapters, so many good people all under one cover!!
shhhhh... yours and drjoolz's chapter is my favourite one, but dont tell the others!
sweet! :)
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