Wednesday, November 05, 2008



OMG, it's arrived! I'm now the proud owner of a Mino (from Flip). Design - good; packaging - i-podesque; heft - brilliant; ease of use - excellent. So I really must have a gadget fetish. I know that because of my excitement when I opened the package. Almost on a par with the US election results and the news that Emma has passed her driving test. But then somethings you just can't compare.

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OH!!! Fantastic!! This is *exactly* what's on my Christmas wishlist!!! simply cannot wait to hear more about it!! *nudge, push, poke*
OK! Its soooo easy. It carries about an hour of video and sound. The software's easy and loads on any machine you're near. Its interoperable with YouTube, MySpace and I think Facebook, too. BUT MORE - it comes in a nicely textured little bag and has a silvery handstrap (which of course I haven't attached!). It's the size of a cell-phone and lighter than most. Buy it!!!
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