Saturday, May 28, 2011

Radio silence 

I've had one of those times when life takes over, and blogging falls by the wayside, spending most of my time looking after baby Dylan (in the picture) and my daughter, Hannah. It's interesting watching the play/work of a 9-month old and the ways in which new media is woven into the environment. Firm favourites are the V-tech products (particularly the dance tower), but Skype calls on the laptop, grasping for the mobile phone and nursery rhymes on the i-touch are all part and parcel of daily life. At the moment my attempts at keeping a record have been squeezed - maybe I need a firmer plan. Whilst immersed in all this life goes on with several projects under way and an opportunity to re-engage with the Barnsborough virtual world. More on that later on.

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Hello Guy. lovely pic and great post. I have been thinking a lot lately about the digital home environment for young children (other than in relation to computers)and how it might pertain to work in the home (not just play/entertainment). So, you've got your own case study (smile)?
Hi christinA, thanks for your comment. It makes me think of the blurring between work/play/entertainment. That's what goes on for me anyway. I'm thinking more and more about growing up with the digital and of course I now have a ready-made (!) case study. I'm mindful of a conversation with Maureen in New Orleans about the ethical and methodological dimensions of this - not that those will put me off!
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