Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's the real thing

Qibla coke
If I asked for coke, would this be fungible? Ah ha, I hear you say, another slippery case of authenticity - one I was reminded of when I read about Burka Barbie (now was that a hoax by the Star newspaper, a rumour, or a best-selling toy in the Arab world?). OK, I think I’ll stick to Qibla Coke – at least you can buy it at the corner shop; and at least I’ve seen the real thing.

The Lumie bodyclock ‘uses your body's natural response to dawn and dusk, waking you naturally with a gradual sunrise and helping you wind down at night with a slowly fading sunset’ so it’s not exactly the real thing, but at least it triggers a ‘natural response’. And so, it might appear, do the wireless speakers from Oregon Scientific – watch the video and ask yourself if that’s a natural response, too.


Joolz said...

WHAT is fungible? Pray tell.

Mary Plain said...

yes, we need to know!

Joolz said...

Also. I notice that top blog is so boring it has not been updated since October ...

Anonymous said...

Goire more, meneer Merchant! (that's Afrikaans for good morning) I hope that you are well and would like to say that your kitchen looks absolutely super, but white things always get dirty, but they are easier to see in the dark. PS

Guy Merchant said...

Fungible is:

1. fizzy, sparkling or carbonated


2. fair as a substitute in a commercial transaction


3. inauthentic or synthetic

Guy Merchant said...

DrJ - it's so boring, it's not boring - how good is that?

And welcome back PS - how d'you learn Afrikaans downunder?