Monday, December 05, 2005

Lowrider, Miami

Originally uploaded by edsghm.

I’m pleased to see that Sarah blogged the full parrot picture from the Bayfront, Miami! Well this is my Bayfront shot. You see shortly after hearing Lee Freeman talking about Lowrider art, I found my very own lowrider. He was quite excited about having his picture taken and being on the internet. The bike, he tells me, is 50-50: 50% gas, 50% electricity – who knows.

Here’s another study of lowrider art. Peter Cowan’s study uses ethnographic methods “to explore drawings, commonly called lowrider art, and the social practices of taking meaning from the environment and communicating meaning visually.” He looks at how “culturally distinctive icons are used to create drawings that function as visual texts with analyzable cultural meanings”.

And I’m back home now, adjusting to this time zone. On the way back I read about britblog. I don’t know - it seems so parochial - I’m not sure I’d want to get listed: what would I get out of it?

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