Thursday, December 15, 2005



Inspired by Mary Plain’s beautiful sunsets (Monday, December 12, 2005), I thought I’d capture one of my own. Unfortunately, by the time I’d got the attic window open, it had lost some of the richness of colour. But at the moment we do have colourful sunrises and sunsets: maybe it’s that heavy dark cloud of petroleum pollution.

Tonight is our ‘house night out’. Academics and administrators from 51/53 Broomgrove Road mash it up at Antibo’s in Sheffield (I note it’s in The Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, so I can find it later). I’ll take my camera in with me in case I want somebody to blog. And of course, if you can’t be with the one you blog, blog the one you’re with. (I feel a retro-music trivia competition coming on).

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Mary Plain said...

great sky, Guy, hard to believe these colours! more like a painting than a photo