Sunday, December 11, 2005

There’s a whole lotta clickin’ going on!

dead mice

Some of my dead mice – abandoned, over-clicked and now completely useless. Funny, I never imagined inhabiting a future with so much clicking, but here it is. My favourite future gazer is Howard Rheingold, and in an article from last year he poses the question ‘How do virtual communities affect physical communities?’ - and that’s really part of what I’ve been thinking about with respect to the overlapping online/offline social networks of bloggers. But, that aside, this is a great little article sketching, as it does, the next digital horizon. He also provides some interesting leads to other work in the field. And, I love the idea of 'person as portal', and the sorts of subjectivity and relationships that this suggests. A book…maybe a film ‘I, a portal’?

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