Monday, February 13, 2006

More than this


THC graffiti is all over the Sharrow area, going through different forms and colours. This one's older and more colourful and at least 6 foot high. It is resplendent on the concrete wall of a culverted stream. The location is so good, being one of those liminal spaces which cities produce. They provide surface and cover - like the sides of bridges, alongside the railway tracks, alleyways - spaces you pass through on your journey to other places.

Reading Baudrillard (Art and Artefact): "Graffiti - another form of ready-made - says nothing other than: 'I exist, here I am, my name is so and so.' The pure and minimal form of identity. I exist, I met myself." (1997:21). OK then, take it away THC (maybe this is another way in which I respond to graffiti), seeing it more than property marking, signing the self into existence.

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