Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sonic teenager repellant

barn door

On the way back from Chesterfield today I heard a radio feature on Howard Stapleton who, after feeling intimidated by a large group of teenagers hanging around his local shop one evening, decided to do something about it. Well that’s his story anyway – a good way of promoting the Mosquito which emits irritating sounds only teenagers can hear –which is remarkable in itself since it’s traditionally been teenagers that emit irritating sounds…I felt rather disgusted by the idea. I thought of bird-scarers and pest control and, then that gave way to reminiscing about hanging around outside shops as a teenagers – something Howard Stapleton obviously never did. But surely if all this hanging around is genuinely anti-social shouldn’t we treat the cause and not the result? Shouldn’t they be in their bedrooms playing shoot-em-up games or surfing the internet? Or maybe the games just aren’t good enough (sorry JG) – maybe they need hanging-around-the-shops simulations or design a virtual Howard Stapleton scarer. Another point of view can be found here.


Joolz said...

I saw this in the news with my two teenaged kiddie winkies. Neither of them could hear the high pitched thingie.
That must be because they are very mature; advanced beyond their years.

Guy Merchant said...

I just read in the Observer today that Norfolk police have come up with an alternative - Jeyes fluid - they reckon it scares off teenagers. Now I'm not suggesting you try it out, just comparing stories!