Monday, March 27, 2006

Getting (it) down

new eye

Although we seem to be talking a lot about new multi-modal ways of making meaning most of us are still judged on our written output. And what’s more, that means particular genres of writing – high status forms. Obviously, to us at least, this sort of thing doesn’t count. Academics’ blogs are often the place where they express their writing angst – their frustration with getting the ideas, or putting down the ideas, the labour of writing. Today I read Flaneuse worrying about getting writing, Dr Kate trying hard to write a paper and finally Sarah, who writes about blogging as rehearsal, a kind of think-piece for experimenting with ideas, or even a place to develop as a writer. Fascinating! I just like writing out of the established genre, unconstrained by topic, and yes, like Sarah, setting ideas in motion (as often documented, here). Blogging is free!

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