Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Guess who?


Guess who I saw outside the Gucci the shop? That was the highlight of my day, today - that and meeting Big Sister! But really, how can the TDA manage to organise such boring meetings, so utterly devoid of intellectual or any other kind of stimulation? The only saving grace was the slightly kitsch Victoriana of the London hotel venue. Then I managed to track down the last remaining copy of Schroeder's 'The Social Life of Avatars' in Foyles - but why are Springer-Verlag's charging £42.50 for a slim 200 page paperback? Who are they fooling...guess who?


Joolz said...

Oooh gosh the Gucci shop. So who did you see? Was it Princess Beckham?
Hannah has a very rubbery hand. (if you don't mind me saying.)

Guy Merchant said...

Even better I saw Hannah-of-the-rubbery hand. I think she's making some kind of gesture - can't think what!

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